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HiMama Subscriber


We have partnered with HiMama, an app that allows teachers to remain in contact with parents throughout the day.

A daily report includes information about:

  • how your child has eaten
  • whether they napped well
  • diaper changes
  • accomplishment and much more.

Since there are no paper reports to keep up with, you'll never have to guess when the last bottle was given or if your child had a bowel movement. This is extremely important stuff that Mamas must know!

Another exciting thing about this program is that our lesson plans are created on the tablet and are linked with our specific state GELDS! We are never in doubt about providing the exact instruction or activity for your treasure, and we can keep you updated about all their accomplishments as they happen. Additionally, teachers can use the tablets to send those adorable pictures you have been missing!

All information is conveniently and securely sent to your email account.  This is our gift to you, and doesn't cost you a penny more!!  We are pleased to offer one more way for you to be unafraid and comfortable leaving your precious treasure with us. HiMama coupled with WatchMeGrow provides the best technology has to offer in the way of full disclosure of our commitment to excellence in caring for your treasure. Every child deserves to be treasured!