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Learning Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum has been specifically designed to best fit the needs of our students. We combine many facets of Kaplan, Learn Every Day, with a theme-based and student driven curriculum. Teachers create weekly lesson plans based off ongoing assessment. They take into account child development and interest, as they create real-life learning experiences in the classroom setting. Our lesson plans focus on the following key areas of development: cognitive, language, motor, social, and emotional development. 

Our Programs

We maintain teacher child ratios much lower than state requirements to ensure that your child receives excellence in every aspect of our offerings.  We use curriculum focused on learning needed skills, by using creativity, self-confidence, social development, and southern genteel manners from our heritage.  While it is imperative that children are ready for kindergarten, we maintain that it is just as imperative that young children experience the one on one love and nurturing needed for developing emotionally. Our dedicated staff of mature and qualified teachers have no greater ambition than to provide all that our children need to flourish.  A delicate balance of caring, learning, and having fun is Treasure’s Academy.  Enriching our planet, one child at a time.

Our specialized programs focus on learning through play, physical activity, rest, nutrition, and social development.  Our facility is equipped with a large climate controlled indoor gym for needed movement when the weather prevents outdoor fun.  

  • Treasure’s children will rotate to our specialty rooms to experience a variety of learning activities:
    • Music Studio--where we learn hands on about all sorts of instruments and music
    • Science and Discovery Lab--where we explore dinosaurs and dig for fossils, learn about growing organic fruits and vegetables, and develop fine motor skills by enjoying an array of sensory activities
    • Dr. Seuss Reading Room--where we learn the importance of reading and imagination
    • Art Studio--where we discover imagination through performing puppet shows, take the stage in a live performance wearing fun costumes, or create our own masterpiece on canvas